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Exploring colour through the artwork of Peter Doig
Silk Organzine
Final Major Project at Chelsea College of Arts

This work “Exploring Colour through the artwork of Peter Doig” is the collection of hand-woven textiles that shows the beauty of color palette and unique patterns. It explores the dramatic colour, dreamy landscape and texture of the painting ‘Gasthof zur Muldentalsperre’ (2000-02). The different effect of colour contrast and texture of woven fabric forms a surface of feeling, derived from the paint and brushstrokes.


As a key component of my work, naturally hand dyed silk creates the colour palette as bright and vibrant tones with a delicateness. In addition to be a sustainable process, I am fascinated by the beautiful range and quality of colour which natural materials can produce.


In terms of turning the painting into the woven textiles, I capture the beauty of Doig’s painting through my own exploration of various weave techniques on the loom. Geometric and organic shaped pattens are now at the heart of my work.

Photography: Marin Kawamori