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Beautiful butterflies in the cave

There was the site which was a cave long time ago.

The boy walked in, he heard a sound which the coal miners were digging stones. The boy moved a step closer inside. The sound of dropping stones hurried the boy up like tinnitus. He could not see anything even hear sound which the stones were breaking within his reach. There was bright stone in the dark cave. When the boy picked a stone up like the light led him, the stone flashed much more, and he got dizzy. The next moment the stone started to talk. "A long time ago, there were beautiful butterflies living in this cave. They and we stones had strong bounds like flowers and insects do. The Butterflies' scales made us shine and our light gave life to the butterflies. However, once miners found out that there was hidden gold here, they dug it all up and destroyed butterflies' home." The stone continued. "When the last butterfly disappeared, this cave completely lost the light. The miners abandoned here after digging up all the gold, and there had been a silence until you came here." The boy felt that the stone smiled at him. "When you touched me, I woke up and my light brought back to life. You have a power that the butterflies' scales had. I want you to wake all other stones up." As the boy walked around the cave touching stones, they came to life again and started to shine as if they had looked forward to it for a long time. The boy found a shining butterfly fluttering from the deep in the cave. The boy put the butterfly on the palm of his hand and he looked at her. The butterfly flied up, kissed to him. And then the boy transformed himself into a butterfly. The light came back to the cave.

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